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The specialist for your bitter balls, croquettes, and fricandel. First class ingredients, prepared according to “Grandmother’s recipe”, so by hand and above all:

  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No E numbers

Our Products

bitterballen in chiang mai

Our croquettes and bitter balls are prepared with real butter and the highest quality dry aged beef (So no buffolo of the market)
Plus various herbs.

kroket in Thailand

The croquettes and fricandel weigh 85 grams And cost 32 THB each. A portion (6 pieces) of bitter balls costs 70 THB.

frikandellen in thailand eten

Our fricandell are prepared with Pork fillet, chicken fillet and a herbal mix

eigengemaakte ossenworst

Ossenworst. Prepared with well-dumped beef and a Dutch herbal mix 170 THB per piece of 200 grams.

gouda kaas

Real Dutch Frico Gouda Cheese 450 THB per kg.

oude kaas

Real Dutch Gouda Matured Cheese 720 THB per kg.

hollandse snacks in thailand

Cheese soufflé (Gouda cheese) 35 THB each.

frituur in thailand

Flames (Spicy minced pork meat ) 70 THB per portion of 6 pieces.

slagers rookworst of hema worst

Original & really smoked butcher sausage ± 100 THB per piece (depending on weight)

hollandse haring in chiang mai

Dutch New Herring Catch 2017 We deliver from stock at day prices

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